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A Legacy Etched in Faith: Remembering Archbishop Ezekiel Guti

Nicholas Bhero



Today, a bittersweet wind blows across the hearts of millions. It would have been Archbishop Ezekiel Guti’s 101st birthday, a day to celebrate a life that resonated with unwavering faith, boundless love, and an unyielding commitment to God’s work.

Born not in the grandeur of a city, but in the quiet embrace of Zimbabwe’s remote bushes, Ezekiel Guti’s story is one woven from the threads of struggle and divine intervention.

A young man with no formal education, his life took a profound turn after a conversation with his mother about the concept of hell. This restlessness, this yearning for something more, led him to the solitude of the bush, seeking answers from the very Creator himself.

And in the hush of that sacred space, a divine encounter unfolded. Beautiful singing filled the air, an angelic presence enveloped him, and a powerful message echoed in his soul: “Fear Not. Sin Not.” These simple yet profound words became the compass guiding him on a life-altering journey.

Ezekiel Guti’s path wasn’t paved with roses. It was a relentless pursuit of faith, marked by periods of intense prayer and fasting, even moments of hunger gnawing at his belly. He built his ministry amidst the turmoil of British colonialism, his conviction a burning ember that refused to be extinguished.

But from those embers rose a blazing fire. Through his ministry, the sick found healing, the poor rose to their feet, and miracles became commonplace. He spoke with an authority born of unwavering faith, his voice resonating with the power of the Kingdom of God.

His ardent preaching transcended borders, planting the seeds of faith in over 160 nations, leaving behind a legacy of over 10,000 pastors nurtured under his wing.

Material comfort held no sway over him. When an American benefactor offered him fleets of buses in exchange for his affiliation, Ezekiel, guided by a higher calling, politely declined. His ministry was built on a foundation of unwavering faith, not fleeting promises.

He was a prolific writer, his words a balm for the weary soul, a guiding light for the lost.

Over 100 books flowed from his pen, each one a testament to his desire to uplift and empower. Recognizing the multifaceted needs of his congregation, he established various ministries, a testament to his practicality and deep compassion.

He was, in the truest sense, a man of God. His love was boundless, radiating warmth and acceptance. In his presence, judgment had no place, only the embrace of a father figure extending a hand of love and understanding.

After a glorious century on Earth, tirelessly preaching the good news of Jesus Christ, he was called home on July 5th, 2023. He rejoined his beloved Jesus, the very one he had spent 75 years faithfully serving.

But his legacy, far from fading, continues to illuminate the world. He was a philanthropist, a humanitarian who left behind a legacy of hospitals, universities, schools, and orphanages. He was a statesman of faith, a unifier who brought people together under the banner of love and God.

Today, we celebrate this extraordinary man. We raise our voices in gratitude for his unwavering service, his boundless compassion, and the indelible mark he left on the world.

His spirit lives on in the hearts of millions, a testament to a life lived with purpose, fuelled by faith, and overflowing with love. For myself, I will forever cherish the personal encounters I had with Archbishop Guti.

My heart brimmed with joy when I finally met him, so much so that I even forgot to wash my hands! I asked him to write a foreword for my book, and to my delight, he readily agreed. His touch of approval meant the world to me.

Even more profound was the time I fell gravely ill and ended up hospitalized. A phone call with Archbishop Guti, a heartfelt prayer from him, and I was miraculously discharged that very day. His faith had a tangible impact on my life.

Later, when I started my borehole drilling company, I felt compelled to offer my services at his residence, a place known for water scarcity. With unwavering confidence, Archbishop Guti simply said, “Don’t worry, you will find plenty of water.”

True to his word, at a mere 20 meters, we struck a gushing spring. Following this, he invited me and my family to his home, where he showered us with his blessings.

We will forever be grateful to God for allowing us to interact with this incredible man, Ezekiel H Guti.

Nicholas Bhero is an Experienced Leader, Transformational Coach, Entrepreneur and a Social Impact Champion.

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