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The Lupus Drive, To Host an Awareness Campaign on The Autoimmune Disease, Lupus, At The Royal India Restaurant in Sandton, Johannesburg, South Africa

Brian Kazungu



Pontso Khaka Moiloa

Brian Kazungu, 08/05/2021

The Lupus Drive, a non-profit organisation founded by Pontso Khaka Moiloa, an advocate for lupus who is committed to addressing issues to with the autoimmune disease, lupus, will host a lupus awareness campaign challenge today at The Royal India Restaurant in Sandton, Johannesburg, South Africa

Lupus which is an inflammatory disease that is caused when the immune system attacks its own tissues is known to affect more women than men and more women of colour than their Caucasian counterparts especially from the ages of 14 to the age of 44.

Lerato Prestorius, a board member of The Lupus Drive, said that May is globally set as a Lupus awareness month and so, as an organisation, they are on a campaign to raise an awareness of this serious but less talked about disease to the rest of Southern Africa.

According to the Lupus Drive, their dedication is towards raising awareness as well as educating, and creating programs of research, support and advocacy for Lupus warriors in South Africa.

“I want our African countries to help their people to know about Lupus and to also encourage them to assist those with the condition in getting help especially in the form of medication. This can be done through engagement with organisations such as the World Health Organisation.” Lerato said.

While highlighting that there will be some medical doctors to speak on this health condition at the event, she however decried the fact that even though Lupus is a serious condition, it receives less attention compared to otherwise smaller autoimmune conditions such as cancer and arthritis.

Lerato revealed that even though her daughter was diagnosed with lupus, they have remained very close and their bond unbreakable.

“At first, the Doctor thought my daughter has Gillien Barr, MS and then Lupus until we went to John’s Hopkins Hospital in Maryland in the United States of America where Dr. Levy, Head of Neurology said that it was Neuromylitis Optica (NMO).

I have an unbreakable bond with daughter. We have developed unshakable courage towards life. We smile and cry together. We are best friends. We have the greatest mother and daughter love story. My daughter is a strong young woman. She is a warrioir in her own way.” Lerato explained.

When it comes to countries that are investing much to address the lupus challenge, Lerato praised the United States of America for being exemplary as evidenced by their giving of free medication and grants to people who cannot afford treatment on their own.

Some notable personalities in America such as Tony Braxton, Nick Cannon and Michael Jordan’s mother were all at one time diagnosed with lupus and they have opened up on this rarely talked about autoimmune condition.

More-so, despite lack of significant attention on the disease especially in Africa, a number of celebrities across the world including British citizens such as Seal and the late musician Michael Jackson have all been diagnosed with Lupus and managed to seek proper treatment.

According to an article written by Lorraine Jones in the Chicago Crusader, the award winning musician Seal whose hits include ‘Kiss From A Rose’ has scars on his face which are result of a type of Lupus called Discoid Lupus Erythematosus (DLE) that affects the skin above the neck.

In the same article, Lorraine reveals that the disease which affected Seal from his teenage years resulted in his cheek scars and caused significant scalp involvement which resulted in skin loss.

Some of the known types of Lupus include Systemic Lupus Erythematosus, Discoid Lupus Erythematosus, Nervous System Lupus and Drug Induced Lupus.

People who have been diagnosed with Lupus have been known to display symptoms which are neurological in form thus affecting the brain ,nervous system, vision problems and also causing personality disorders and breathing challenges.

Event host, The Royal India Restaurant, which is located in Sandton has over the years hosted various several commercial and non-commercial engagements including award ceremonies, charity events and television shows such as SABC1’s Family Secrets.

The high-end restaurant which offers Northern Indian cuisines is situated on No.2 Maude Street opposite the five star Michelangelo Hotel adjacent to the Nelson Mandela Square in the heart of Johannesburg’s Sandton community.

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