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The Unveiling of Zimbabwe’s Electoral Farce: A Call to Action

Mandla Wedu



Zimbabweans, we’ve been hoodwinked. The recent presidential election results announced by the Zimbabwe Electoral Commission (ZEC) are not just questionable; they are a blatant violation of our constitutional rights. The announcement contravenes Section 110 of the Electoral Act, Chapter 213, which mandates a transparent electoral process. The absence of CCC’s validation further invalidates these results. But there’s more to this story, a clandestine operation involving the shadowy organization known as Forever Associates of Zimbabwe (FAZ).

The FAZ Factor

FAZ, a shadowy organization allegedly linked to the ruling ZANU-PF, has been accused of widespread voter intimidation. Amnesty International and other observer missions have raised concerns about FAZ’s intimidatory tactics, such as setting up “survey desks” outside polling stations and taking down voters’ names. This is a clear violation of the Zimbabwean Constitution’s provisions on freedom of expression, peaceful assembly, and association.

The Legal Quagmire

The announcement by ZEC is flawed on multiple counts:

  1. Section 110, Subsection 2 of the Electoral Act: The act mandates that a poll shall be taken in each constituency for the election of a president. The late arrival of ballot papers and poor administration at some polling stations violate this provision.
  2. Section 110, Subsection 3 of the Electoral Act: This section requires the chief elections officer to ascertain the result of the presidential poll. The absence of CCC’s validation makes the results non-compliant.
  3. Constitutional Violations: The actions of FAZ and the biased state media coverage are in direct violation of the Zimbabwean Constitution, which guarantees freedom of expression and association.

Remedies and the Way Forward

  1. Legal Recourse: The aggrieved parties should consider filing a petition in the Constitutional Court, citing the violations of the Electoral Act and the Constitution.
  2. International Pressure: International bodies should impose sanctions on individuals and entities involved in electoral malpractices.
  3. Civil Disobedience: Zimbabweans must rise and demand transparency and accountability from their leaders.


Zimbabwe, the time for action is now. We cannot afford to be passive spectators while our democracy is being eroded. Let’s hold those in power accountable for their actions. The fight for a free and fair Zimbabwe starts with you.