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BOAF gets thumps up from Mr. S.S. Kadzunge



The power of building circles to solve human problems is often ignored yet there is nothing that beats structure and order. Mr. Sedulous Simbarashe Kadzunge, a member of the 10,000 Points of Light (POL), observed as follows after listening to a conversation between two members of BOAF who are part of the initiative to build a bank of hope whose currency are the human beings in it:

“From this educative dialogue, I have understood the importance of building an information hub, for research, teamwork, and problem-solving purposes.

Sometimes, we as Africans have African problems which need African solutions, for example; many aspiring web developers and entrepreneurs who want to explore the e-commerce field, don’t even know that there are some payment gateways that don’t integrate with our local banks e.g PayPal here in Zim (due to sanctions and isolation) but if we have someone in our information hub who would write articles about which gateways work or not, that would be an African solution to an African problem.

I agree ICT is the world’s future and indeed a community needs to be set up so that we can pull through together, resulting in great innovation.

We have many science students who bloom once they get out of the country, doing wonderful innovations, why? Because there is no local community that exhibits awareness of local talents and expertise, we simply don’t know each other and because of that, both local funders and local talents don’t know where to connect – a problem to be solved by this Knowledge Base.

There is a local Zim guy who was headlining this past January because he developed a first-ever self-powered TV if he was amongst a community of other engineers, funders, etc..

That project would go far and the community would benefit as students and fellow tradesmen would have someone to share experiences and look up to.

Sharing is power and so does knowledge.

I’m surprised that Mr. Mpasiri is not a lawyer and at the same time, I’m seeing that we can have many Mpasiris if knowledge gets accessible to the public. JUROL can make people be aware of their constitutional rights, their limitations, and of those who lead them.”

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Coach Mabel Lusengo Talks about Spiritual Life Coaching and Its Benefits to People across the World



One of the most important achievements in life is to come to a realisation of your true self and then to embrace this discovery as you start to live in peace with other fellow human beings in the beauty of nature.

However, even though this ideal could be a dream come true for many people, there are circumstances which may cause us to lose ourselves unconsciously so much that we may need someone to help us to reboot and face life again with hope, courage and confidence.

This rebooting and healing may need you to find a coach to help you overcome whatever challenge that you may be going through since quite often it’s difficult to deal with alone, but the challenge is in knowing the right kind of a coach who can address your situation.

The above mentioned challenge usually comes from the fact that there is a diversity of coaches focussing on different specialities, i.e. personal development or relationships etc. and so the correct knowledge about the right coach that you need to approach will help you to find the right solution.

As such, in order to help our readers in choosing the right coach for themselves, our publications will do a series of interviews with different coaches so that they can elaborate on their profession in a way that enables the reader to make better and informed choices.

In our first interview, our editor Brian Kazungu speaks to Mabel Lusengo, a Spiritual Life Coach based in Dallas, Texas in the United States of America as she shares on her journey towards being a coach and the work that she does.

iniafrica.com: Briefly tell us about yourself including what motivated you to become a Spiritual Life Coach.

Coach Mabel Lusengo: I am Mabel Lusengo, a humble and reverent servant of God.  I am a Spiritual Life Coach.  I am a woman who is discovering herself along my journey.  I have an undergraduate degree in accounting, am a mother to two handsome young men and I am also an entrepreneur.  My life has been a crescendo of highs and lows and everything in-between.  I have always heard my friends and family say, NoNo (short for Nonthlathla) you give good counsel and so in my 40th year, I became intrigued about where I was from and who I really am and what was the purpose of my existence.  I have always been a happy go lucky…fly by the seat of my pants kinda of girl and have had a natural joy deep inside of me and a vibrancy for life that is infectious.  So, when I combined these aspects which I know to be true about myself, I was drawn to the urge to become one who supports others in finding this deep natural joy within them.  In 2013, I put Iyanla Vanzant’s photograph on my vision board.  I wanted to be like her and do the work she does, and fortunately, the Universe, if I may steal some words from the book, The Alchemist, began to conspire and brought me to Inner Vision Institute for Spiritual Development in 2019.  It is here where I began my journey to knowing who I am and the power within me.  It is here that I obtained my certification in Spiritual Life Coaching.   My vision and commitment is to co-create a compassionate world where I am living wholeheartedly as my authentic self as I continue to discover my own intrinsic value and self-worth by being vulnerable, courageous, and by surrendering to being led by the Holy Spirit.  I am passionate about supporting and teaching others how to discover themselves and live in the same light.

iniafrica.com: Would you briefly tell us about Spiritual Life Coaching and why you think it is important to people in the journey of their lives?

Coach Mabel Lusengo: I describe Spiritual Life Coaching using the analogy of a coach, be it for a basketball team, a soccer team, or any sport you may think of.  A coach helps their player or players gain the muscle or skillset that subsequently helps them win games.  The same thing is true about Spiritual Life Coaching, I support individuals who embark on a journey into the space called “yourself” or “self” by developing or gaining or refining or strengthening their muscle to be self-aware, to self-correct, and to self- support.  I do this by supporting clients to become aligned with spiritual principles and spiritual laws.  I support an individual in self-reflection to really discover who they are and often times this starts with a process of healing.  

iniafrica.com: How does someone become a Spiritual Life Coach? Is it a natural gift or you need to go to school and learn the trade so that you can qualify?

Coach Mabel Lusengo: I can talk about my journey to becoming a Spiritual Life Coach.  It was a combination of my natural knack of being a good listener and truly believing that this is my life’s purpose. Ultimately, I aligned what I know to be true about myself and studied for my certification through the Inner Visions Institute of Spiritual Development which provided me with a curriculum that resonated with who I am and what I believed would better serve my learning and what kind of a Life Coach I wanted to become.

iniafrica.com: When we hear the word spiritual, we tend to loosely relate it with religious activities. Are Spiritual Life Coaches the same as Pastors and other religious authorities or they do not fall in the same category?

Coach Mabel Lusengo: A Spiritual Life Coach is not a Pastor and does not hold any religious authority unless otherwise trained to be.  A Spiritual Life Coach as myself uses Spiritual Laws and Spirituality to influence how they support themselves, because, I always remember, I am my first client and then ultimately support other clients.  Spirituality for me is simply the conscious acknowledgement of who I am as a unique expression of God. 

iniafrica.com:  What is the difference between Spiritual Life Coaching in relation to other forms of coaching that people can seek in pursuit of personal development?

Coach Mabel Lusengo: The difference is with the individual and how or what they seek to pursue within their own personal development as well as the choice in which they would like to discover themselves or be more clear of who they are and what kind/type of life they desire to co-create with God for themselves.

iniafrica.com: Are spiritual life sessions meant for everyone or there are certain specific personalities which definitely needs spiritual counselling? What is it that determines whether someone should look for a Spiritual Life Coach in their lives? 

Coach Mabel Lusengo: This is by choice and by the type of influence one chooses.  There are no specifics but one chooses what is best for them based on their need.  Just as one chooses to believe in God or not, one chooses to work with a Spiritual Life Coach or just a Life Coach. The process they follow may be different, but ultimately all Coaches are interested in supporting their clients in coming into alignment with who they are and what they desire to achieve.  As a coach, you support your client by asking core question likes; what are they doing; why are they doing it; what are the results they are achieving or want to achieve; and is what they are doing self-supporting or self-nurturing; and lastly; is what they are doing loving to themselves and others?

iniafrica.com: Is there a country or a continent which you believe that it’s people are more spiritually conscious than others and what do you believe can be done to promote spiritual consciousness?

Coach Mabel Lusengo: I do not believe that there is a country or continent which its people are more spiritually conscious than others.  We are all a Universal body, one body in different shapes, colors, and forms.  Spiritual consciousness is an individual journey and each individual has to have a vision of themselves, how they are connected to all other living things, that is all of creation, and how they are contributing to the whole – the Universe.

iniafrica.com: How are spiritual life coaching sessions conducted and what are the dos and don’ts thereof?

Coach Mabel Lusengo: This depends on the plan set out by the Coach and the individual.  Typically a coaching session is set for 45 minutes and depending on individual need a Coach and a Client can follow the period to which the client feels they have accomplished the set goal or reached the intention for which they are receiving coaching.  Any do’s and don’ts for client/coach are set up in the coaching agreement before the first session begins.

iniafrica.com: How do people that are looking for your services get in touch with you?

Coach Mabel Lusengo: I can be contacted on the following media platforms:

Facebook: Authentic-Wholehearted-Living-LLC-100696201689107

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/coachmabel1/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/CoachMabel

Website: https://www.authenticwholeheartedliving.com/

Email:  [email protected] 

Book a free 30 minute discovery session on my 

Calendly: https://www.authenticwholeheartedliving.com/calender

iniafrica.com: What are your guiding values which determine what you do and how you do it as a spiritual life coach? Are there things which you consider to be taboo in the execution of duty in your profession or is there a certain approach to performance which you do not use because of these values? 

Coach Mabel Lusengo: I am guided by my governing values, of humility, vulnerability, courage and authenticity.  I TRUST the Spirit to guide me and I follow this guidance without any fear or reservation.

iniafrica.com: What has been some of the most cherished and memorable feedback that you have received from your clients so far and how has it impacted you in this career? 

Coach Mabel Lusengo: When a client tells me they have had a life changing experience, I am humbled and I know that in this life time, if but, one finds their true authentic self and lives it unapologetically, then what God has sent me to do as His servant has been accomplished.

iniafrica.com: Based on what you have experienced so far as a Spiritual Life Coach, what are your words of advice and motivation to youngsters and even grown-ups who would like to follow the same path that you took?

Coach Mabel Lusengo: I would offer to them the lesson that took me longer than I would have wanted to learn, and that is, to be true to yourself, and to TRUST yourself and that still voice that nudges you every day.  Lastly, I would offer that we each tell the truth to self and others always.

iniafrica.com: If you were to give career advice, would you recommend someone to follow this path that you have chosen? 

Coach Mabel Lusengo: Every individual is unique and is here to serve a purpose.  I would encourage one to search deep within for their true spiritual inner power and be bold enough to be who they know in their gut they were created to be.

iniafrica.com: Are there people or organisations that you would like to acknowledge and credit, be it for their emotional and material input or contribution (support) towards what you do as a Spiritual Life Coach? 

Coach Mabel Lusengo: I would like to acknowledge my family for their love and support through my life.  I would also like to acknowledge My Inner Visions family for supporting me on the path to finding who I am and the power that lives within me.  Most importantly, I would like to acknowledge God because, for ALL that I am, I am eternally indebted and grateful to HIM.

iniafrica.com: Who can you say is your role model in this kind of business? I mean, your inspiration, that person who makes you want to do it better every day.

Coach Mabel Lusengo: There is not just one person, they are many. My role models have been my maternal grandmother, whom I was named after, her strength and zeal to love inspires me; my sons Jason and Kendrick, my teachers and my confidants, and my Inner Visions family, my sisters the class of 2020 and the faculty and staff, Mama Iya, Mama Helen, Coach Maq, Coach Jackie, Reverend Zakia, Coach Robert, and Coach Tina who keep me accountable.  They are all pivotal and instrumental in teaching and harnessing me to become who I am.  

iniafrica.com: What is it, whether material or otherwise either in relation to your personal life or clients’ which makes you fulfilled when you reflect on the decision that you took to be a Spiritual Life Coach?

Coach Mabel Lusengo: I think I can best describe this or answer this question by saying…When my heart sings and says to self, “I know who I AM” and that my desire to make God – the creator of all things, my Spirit – the power that lives within me, and my desire to live a life of spiritual integrity a priority, I am fulfilled because it allows me to continue to be a demonstration of what is possible for others!!

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Be an Actor: Monday Motivation With Brian Kazungu.



In this life, you are either an actor or spectator.

For you to be an actor in the movie of your life, you must set goals that stand as your script in the arena of the living and then act in way that ensures that these goals are met. 

In the pursuit of these goals, please always remember that you are the main actor

If you fail to write and follow this script, you will just look at other people as they move from glory to glory while you remain stuck in a miserable place.

1 Thessalonians 4vs.11-12 And that ye study to be quiet, and to do your own business, and to work with your own hands, as we commanded you 12: That ye may walk honestly toward them that are without, and that ye may have lack of nothing. KJV

Do not yield to the fear of failure, but rather look around and find out what you can do to improve your life and make a positive difference in the society.

Fear of failure comes when you only imagine the outcomes of failing rather than the possibility of success. 

When this thought overtakes you, it renders you inactive.

People who fear, do quit the “stage” when they realize that those around them are not as supportive and appreciative of their dreams, plans and success.

 As such, please remember that you “act” for a living and that God is the judge and that everyone else is the audience.

Start to do something that you believe can change your life rather than to just sit back and relax while watching other people as they move on.

Spectators have their emotions and sentiment in the hands and control of the actors. 

However, setting goals and committing to them keeps you occupied and makes you an actor rather than a spectator and this makes your life worthwhile.

Those who choose to take action tend to enjoy life to the maximum because they get all that which is available for the taking, including riches and happiness.

They can also look back and see their achievements and enjoy the memories.


  1. Write down the habits that are wasting your time and potential and take note of the people who are always pulling you into the crowd rather than to let you stand on the grand stage.

Psalms 26:.4 I have not sat with vain persons, neither will I go in with dissemblers. KJV

Proverbs 28:19 He that tilleth his land shall have plenty of bread: but he that followeth after vain persons shall have poverty enough. KJV

Brian Kazungu is a Christian, Media Practitioner, Author, Poet, Technology Enthusiast, Entrepreneur and an Opinion Leader.

Monday motivations is adapted from his motivational and inspirational book titled Fresh Thinking (https://www.amazon.com/dp/1654359335).

For more of his writings and motivation, follow him on:




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