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“THE AFRICA I WANT, is an Africa in which all its living human actors count and value-add is race-neutral and each person is judged in problem-solving terms,” asserts Mr. Leon Louw, the founder of the Free Market Foundation

Caroline Du Plessis



[9/22, 8:23 PM] Leon Louw: Hi Dearest Mutumwa.
I hope you don’t mind what I wrote about us.

You might not even recall when we first met.

“I know and am very fond of Mutumwa. In all my interactions with him over many years, I don’t recall us once discussing race.
I interpret that as both of us having liberated ourselves.”
[9/22, 8:29 PM] mdmawere1: On point. The truth has no legs and the truth must be told so that history may never forget. I have zero memory of any second you used to undermine the indivisibility of humanity.

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