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A conversation on the Youth Factor that is worth sharing.

Caroline Du Plessis



[12/10, 6:09 AM] +263 71 798 7922: Very well said…..I wasn’t at all despising u our great elders age wise no not at all.

You happen to be the serious political game changers and influential giants politically. Esp here in Zim.

Without your political suport we will not go anywhere and eventually fair to deliver the highly much expected change for years from us

Had to make mention of this because it is the majority of the youths who are many In this nation….. Talking of the potential & existing voters in particular . Youth section doubles the old age section statistics proves this to be true…(18-40yrs young adults are much more than the 40+ -100years Old..

The key to win elections in Numbers is by way of reducing the percentage figure from the voter apathy to low levels down to at least 5-6% low not kuve much more double the total amount of the actually voter’s and registered voters azviko azvibude
[12/10, 6:09 AM] +263 71 798 7922: Youths are too many of we are to rise I tell u Zim in no time will be a respectable rich home ground
[12/10, 6:10 AM] +263 71 798 7922: Most of the youths are not interested in voting & not even registered and don’t care .. even the registered youths for now some are politically distanced & will more likely willingly won’t vote on the voting day
[12/10, 6:23 AM] mdmawere1: Is being a youth a curse?

No old person can claim to have escaped the youth as part of the life chain.

What does it mean to be youthful?

Does being youth create a new human identity?

Should pregnancy create a new human identity?

What is the true meaning and purpose of life if life can be delineated into YOUTH and other?

I am sure you will agree in the quiteness of your time that we all walk, if the gift of walking is relevant and applicable, on the same ground and every step you or I make is a precedent for both.

Life is about making choices with intended outcomes driven by self-interest and no one can outsource this.

If a fly needs no political support to visit meat in its self-interest, why do you think a sovereign human being would need what you describe as political support?

Life provides no one with the right and capacity to expect another human being to be managed and guided to where destiny may take a life.

A grain in sand or a grain as a constituent part of the sand will remain a grain and equally a human being irrespective of age is part of the population bank of humans and must be judged on his or her character without importing age or any other variable.

There is vote that is defined by age and common sense will inform that registered voters enjoy the same right and it would be a sad day if the character and personality of the voter were to be considered in determining the outcome of an election.

If the threshold is 50+1 vote, the idea that the decisive 1 vote should be age-centric is inimical to the true promise of life premised on the equality doctrine, a fundamental tenet of the RULE of LAW.

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