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Tinashe Mupasiri



Below is a record of the chats that will form part of the memoir proposed by Mucha in relation to the life and legacy of Mr. Mawere as a bridge to building an inclusive, informed, educated and entertained future of not only Zimbabwe but Africa:

[1/28, 6:01 AM] mdmawere1: Morning

[1/28, 6:01 AM] Mosaics Marufu: My bro how are you this lovely morning.

[1/28, 6:05 AM] mdmawere1: Fine and you.

[1/28, 6:06 AM] mdmawere1: Have you read the above muzukuru nasekuru chat

[1/28, 6:06 AM] Mosaics Marufu: Just nursing my opped eye. But hopefully soon it will be ok

[1/28, 6:06 AM] mdmawere1: Wish you a speedy recovery.

[1/28, 6:10 AM] Mosaics Marufu: Yes going through your chats daily with interest . It’s unfortunate my eye reduces my wish to read through long chats. I read a few chats leave and come back

[1/28, 6:16 AM] mdmawere1: Great. On the issues raised in the chat above, what is your take?

Firstly should I continue sharing?

[1/28, 6:21 AM] Mosaics Marufu: Please continue sharing. I think Colletta is right by seeking your consent. That’s crucial. You are a little hard on her(maybe be wanting to provoke further discussions) but I feel she has good points

[1/28, 6:31 AM] mdmawere1: Consent carries with it duties like civics is not free for rights impose duties.

Imagine you elect a public officer who when elected hijacks public power, whose duty is it to hold him or her accountable?

If you give consent, then it automatically becomes your journey and destination yet sovereignty allows humans to think and act in their self-interests. 

People who seek consent will never do anything or take a step forward waiting for a solitary individual to suffer alone.

Do you agree that the people who purport to love and protect the disabled do nothing waiting for the disabled to organize and structure themselves when the challenges are already known?

[1/28, 7:07 AM] Mosaics Marufu: On last part of disabled it’s very interesting as theere is a paradigm shift from the usual will explain later

[1/28, 7:08 AM] mdmawere1: I agree with you that being hard is what it looks like but problem solving is not easy.

I am fond of talking about the birth of FBC as a commercial bank.

It started like the story of a memoir.

Questions were then raised on what is a bank and in this case what is a memoir.

After reading, you will have noted that the chat is talking about lack of a structure.

This would have entailed having a board of directors in place to give life to an idea called a bank.

The directors so appointed ordinarily wait for the so-called owner of the bank to tell them what they should do yet the law vests the control and management of the bank like any juristic entity in the board.

The directors will expect the creator of the whatsapp group to give it purpose and personality.

Have you taken notice that even in relation to a whatsapp group, it is unusual for rational persons to look to the creator to shape its character resulting in many being spectators yet choose to remain in the group.

Equally, when a President is elected and assumes office, it is the practice to defer to him to consent even to matters that can be solved without his knowledge and consent.

Imagine expecting you to seek my consent to conclude that I AM A LITTLE HARD ON COLLETA when your mind based on reading could easily draw the conclusion.

However, if you were to then proceed and make a general conclusion that MAWERE is a hard man, then you would be departing from the chat.

You can easily point out in specific terms where and how I was hard.

This will help me to be soft but if I became soft to the detriment of a cause, then the memoir will never be done.

If it is to be done, do you agree that you are already in it through the generosity of spirit.

I can guess what your experience chatting with me alone has had on you. 

One day you are angry with me and the next minute you actually agree with me yet out of all this, the problem of the disabled you represent need urgent attention.

You will recall that when I asked Mucha to nominate a beneficiary of the 5% of the prepayments for the memoir he nominated an organization who office bearers are invisible.

I thought he would ask if there are any organizations represented in the whatsapp groups that need assistance.

He never gave me an opportunity to have a say even though it was my idea and proposal.

I am you would not have minded to be in an inclusive structure and be part of the promise and challenges towards solving the lack of A REOOSITORY FOR ALL MAY STORIES as told to different people.

We would then include the stories of the disabled with a participant like you but on the contrary like political actor who typically throw away the ladder immediately after being elected, the reality of misconveyancing is real resulting in Mucha allocating benefits to non-value adding people known to him.

In this case, do you think that apart from wishing me to suffer by directing my time to write a memoir he cares about my welfare and the impact of writing a memoir just to satisfy his curiosity.

You can see that after the wish, he is missing in action but Colleta may be blind to this reality and the dangers of a narrative that it is my ego promoting project especially if she is expecting my consent.

Mucha never sought and obtained my consent before expressing his wish.

The people who say they are related to me would not see the positivity of Mucha just in ventilating his wish without my knowledge evidencing that my name and facts occupy his private mind.

On 6 September 2004 the control and management of not only companies deemed to be associated with me but my personal house was divested and deprived using public power.

It follows that anyone who is related to me has been fixed with this knowledge for 19 years yet have not done anything to raise awareness like Mucha has voluntarily done to add his voice to a problem.

[1/28, 7:20 AM] mdmawere1: Do you agree that when Damgirwa knew of the reality of the abuse of public power in relation to the house and companies, he defaulted into a separation of issues by suggesting that the request for financial support be separated from my alleged political problems.

Even on the house, he sought in broad daylight to allege that I wanted to use the disabled to get my house and companies back.

After reading this narrative being asserted boldly, if you were Colleta would you choose to bury your head in the sand to proceed to openly assert that my consent is needed fully knowing that the suggested consent would be weaponized by charlatans who would then confirm that IT IS A MAWERE SELF-VINDICATION PROJECT.

You are aware that Mucha is in the group eloquently silent and in so doing perpetrate the idea that I am a desperate person trying to use social media to vindicate my name.

You can judge your own position on this by going through the shared from 19 January 2023 as follows:

[1/19, 9:14 PM] Mosaics Marufu: Makadii baba Mawere. Ndinonzi Moses Marufu

I am a person with a disability. I am honored to be connected to you by a friend Luke Dangirwa

[1/20, 7:30 AM] mdmawere1: Morning

[1/20, 7:34 AM] Mosaics Marufu: Makadiii baba

[1/20, 7:34 AM] mdmawere1: Fine and you.

[1/20, 7:36 AM] mdmawere1: [1/18, 1:48 PM] mdmawere1: Hello

[1/18, 1:49 PM] mdmawere1: FYI 

[1/18, 7:38 AM] mdmawere1: [1/18, 5:25 AM] Norman Zim: Is it true that Gwarazimba does not know the accused in this matter.

[1/18, 5:28 AM] Norman Zim: In his capacity as administrator, he was supposed to conduct internal investigation and conclude who the Culp rit is…. Otherwise he is liable for the fraud

[1/18, 5:53 AM] mdmawere1: Good morning. What is stated in his statement? I thought he confirmed that he did not know about the house matter for 17 years. 

He stated this under oath and as such one is limited to attempt to second guess him.

If he had no idea of the matter, it follows logically that he could not have an idea regarding the accused.

Ignorance gives him refuge and as such ZACC accepted that any prejudice resulting from his ignorance could not be vindicated from SMM under reconstruction or from a corrupt scheme.

[1/18, 5:55 AM] mdmawere1: I believe he is saying that his lack of knowledge of the matter must exempt him and SMM under reconstruction from any liability and culpability.

[1/18, 8:00 AM] mdmawere1: [1/17, 12:01 PM] mdmawere1: Hello

[1/17, 12:04 PM] Stanley Mumbula: Good morning boss

[1/17, 12:07 PM] mdmawere1: How are you feeling?

[1/17, 12:18 PM] Stanley Mumbula: Am feeling much better, I would just say I have recovered.

[1/17, 12:18 PM] mdmawere1: Are you at work?

[1/17, 12:18 PM] mdmawere1: Great to hear this.

[1/17, 12:21 PM] Stanley Mumbula: Yes am at work

[1/17, 12:30 PM] mdmawere1: Great. Any update on our matters? It would be great that we establish a working relationship on the matters under investigation to ensure that all the questions that need to be understood are pursued with the urgency that they deserve. We are having a board meeting tomorrow and I want to brief the other directors of where things stand but I am in the dark.

[1/17, 1:30 PM] mdmawere1: Hello

[1/17, 1:45 PM] Stanley Mumbula: Yes boss, the officers are supposed to retrieve the case record from the High Court. Do a statement from the court marshal on the confirmation that such a matter was before Court and the parties involved. That’s the stage where we are now.

[1/17, 1:47 PM] mdmawere1: Ok. Is there anything required from our side.

[1/17, 1:50 PM] mdmawere1: Is there anything required from  the Zim side?

[1/17, 1:58 PM] Stanley Mumbula: Not at the moment of course u having the understanding that the collection of evidence in another country requires the involvement of the attorney General I order to have such evidence admisable in any adjudication.

[1/17, 1:58 PM] mdmawere1: Ok

[1/17, 2:00 PM] mdmawere1: From an understanding point of view, have they identified the nature of the possible crime, if any?

[1/17, 2:03 PM] Stanley Mumbula: Not as yet, but of course there appears something like Conspiracy to defraud.

[1/17, 2:08 PM] mdmawere1: Have you looked at the investigator to establish the problem, if any, so that we can work together to identify the facts in the cause?

[1/18, 7:59 AM] mdmawere1: Good morning Sir

[1/18, 8:21 AM] Mr Edward Samakomva: In my view that lack of knowledge is questionable is it an act of omission or it borders on corruption

[1/18, 8:39 AM] mdmawere1: Elaborate in relation to Gwaradzimba’s sworn statement.

[1/18, 8:40 AM] Mr Edward Samakomva: Kindly forward it i might have missed it

[1/18, 8:49 AM] Mr Edward Samakomva: After consulting the CEO Chirandu Dhlembeu he became aware the house was under ssm who was paying the utility bills. He then brings the issue of title deeds. Why didn’t he do a deeds search?

[1/18, 8:50 AM] Mr Edward Samakomva: I might be missing something here who is the accused he refers to

[1/18, 8:59 AM] mdmawere1: You should assume that this was his sworn statement. 

What would you do if you were a public office bearer working for ZACC? 

If you were a Commissioner of ZACC.

If you are person like me?

[1/18, 9:06 AM] Mr Edward Samakomva: This sworn statement is full of holes. An administrator not aware of what he is supposed to administer? He should have all information on his fingertips. He lied under oath

[1/18, 9:25 AM] mdmawere1: Are you aware that it was accepted by ZACC leading ZACC to charge the CEO?

[1/18, 9:27 AM] Mr Edward Samakomva: CEO charged for what?

[1/18, 9:28 AM] mdmawere1: For authorizing the rentals without the knowledge of the house owner and using SMM under reconstruction as a vehicle.

[1/18, 9:34 AM] Mr Edward Samakomva: I would like to follow the whole story

[1/18, 9:35 AM] Mr Edward Samakomva: Who is the owner

[1/18, 9:47 AM] mdmawere1: Me

[1/18, 9:48 AM] mdmawere1: Have you read the story with Gwaradzimba

[1/18, 9:55 AM] Mr Edward Samakomva: Kindly share

[1/18, 9:58 AM] mdmawere1: [3/9/2021, 4:20 PM] mdmawere1: Good afternoon. It is Mutumwa Mawere. Please urgently advise on whether you have any information about my house in Mount Pleasant.

[3/9/2021, 4:24 PM] Gwaradzimba: It’s great hearing from you Sekuru. I do not have information, but I will immediately find out and advise.

[3/9/2021, 4:27 PM] mdmawere1: Thanks and much appreciated.

[3/9/2021, 4:28 PM] mdmawere1: It looks like someone is staying there.

[3/9/2021, 4:33 PM] Gwaradzimba: Afternoon once more. I have established that the house has always been leased out. SMM are paying the rates and receiving the rentals. However, SMM does not have the title deeds, neither do they know as to who the house is registered under. That’s the information I have right now.

[3/9/2021, 4:34 PM] mdmawere1: Thanks. I have the title deeds.

[3/9/2021, 4:35 PM] mdmawere1: It is registered under my name. Thanks.

[3/9/2021, 4:35 PM] Gwaradzimba: And they’re in your name?

[3/9/2021, 4:35 PM] mdmawere1: Yes.

[3/9/2021, 4:36 PM] Gwaradzimba: Then I have told the management that, in that case, the rentals less the rates must be for your benefit.

[3/9/2021, 4:37 PM] mdmawere1: Thanks. Much appreciated. You can get the records from your end. You may recall that ZRP – Mangoma filed an affidavit to this end in the specification matter regarding the house.

[3/9/2021, 4:41 PM] Gwaradzimba: I don’t have to check anything, but will take your word for what it’s worth. I will instruct SMM to separate all the rent; put it in a Trust account; and charge rates, any maintenance and management fees, and the net will be for your account.

[3/9/2021, 4:43 PM] mdmawere1: I have someone who needs to use the house. It would help to know the accrued rentals.

[3/9/2021, 4:49 PM] Gwaradzimba: That’s in order, but, obviously, the current tenant would need to be given at least three (3) months notice to look for alternative accommodation.

[3/9/2021, 4:50 PM] Gwaradzimba: Good afternoon. I am advised by Mr. Mutumwa Mawere himself, that he holds the title deeds for the Mt. Pleasant house, and the Deeds are in his name. I will ask him to send me a copy of the deeds. 

I there kind ask that you create a Trust Account under SMM, transfer all the rentals that have been received from the lease of the house, into that Trust Account and then charge against the account, all expenses paid by SMM in respect of the house, including management fees payable in accordance with the Estate Agents Act. 

Tell me once all this will have been done.

[3/9/2021, 4:51 PM] mdmawere1: Thanks. Much appreciated. Can I request him to get in touch with you to coordinate?

[3/9/2021, 4:51 PM] Gwaradzimba: This is what I have said to SMM management.

[3/9/2021, 4:51 PM] mdmawere1: All in order.

[3/9/2021, 4:52 PM] mdmawere1: Thanks. Much appreciated. Will do.

[3/9/2021, 4:52 PM] Gwaradzimba: No problem at all. I consider it that you will be directly managing the property in this case?

[3/9/2021, 4:53 PM] mdmawere1: We can see what makes more sense. I have no idea what the real situation is.

[3/9/2021, 4:56 PM] Gwaradzimba: That’s in order. I will advise of the balance after hearing from SMM management.

[3/9/2021, 4:59 PM] mdmawere1: Great. Much appreciated.

[3/9/2021, 5:03 PM] Gwaradzimba: Ndizvoi VaSekuru, it will be done.

[3/9/2021, 5:04 PM] mdmawere1: Thanks.

[3/9/2021, 5:59 PM] Gwaradzimba: Welcome.

[3/12/2021, 8:13 AM] mdmawere1: Good morning

[3/12/2021, 8:13 AM] mdmawere1: [3/10, 7:37 PM] mdmawere1: Hello

[3/10, 7:53 PM] Morris Levin: Good evening. Any update from Mr.Gwaradzimba. As discussed, I find it very strange that rental income would be paid to a party with no ownership interest in the subject property. The property is yours yet for 17 years, contracts were concluded and value exchanged. Very strange. I would need to have all the records of the affairs of this house and how SMM can possibly explain its unlawful conduct. 

[3/10, 7:55 PM] mdmawere1: I am waiting for feedback from Mr. Gwaradzimba. I should like to believe that the records exists and it should be possible for us to examine them. I will contact him in the morning and revert back to you with feedback. Thanks.

[3/12/2021, 8:16 AM] Gwaradzimba: Mangwanani Dziva. I trust you are doing well. You will get your update.

[3/12/2021, 8:18 AM] mdmawere1: Thanks. I am well. I look forward to it.

[3/16/2021, 11:47 AM] mdmawere1: Any update. By the way, who was the agent or agents handling the property before and after reconstruction?

[3/16/2021, 1:20 PM] Gwaradzimba: Afternoon. Unfortunately the reconstruction is still in progress. SMM, apparently, have been in charge of the security and maintenance of the house (including paying of rates), since you were staying in the house yourself. At least this is what am advised. 

Am also advised the the decision to let out the house (first to SMM employees) because of the need to defray the expenses associated the house. When the SMM employee who stayed in the house vacated the house, SMM put the house under the management of KFRZ, who are still the managers. I have now advised SMM of your intention to have someone else live in the house.

The process to now take place is:

1) SMM to advise KFRZ of the developments;

2) KFRZ to give 3 months notice to sitting tenant;

3) On sitting tenant leaving house, the house will be handed over to someone of your choice. 

Meanwhile SMM management are putting together information pertaining to the costs and revenues of the house. Once this is together, I will advise you.

I trust you find this in order.

[3/16/2021, 1:30 PM] mdmawere1: Thanks. As you can appreciate, the house has nothing to do with reconstruction and you already alluded to it when you claimed no knowledge of it. 

This means that all the income from it, is the property of the owner from day one. 

There was no decision to let the house to SMM employees that I am aware of. 

The house was always my personal property.

If any such decision was made, it may help to know who and when the decision was made. 

I am not sure on what authority, SMM would for more than 17 years appropriate a property not belonging to it and apply proceeds without the knowledge and consent of the owner.

It is vital that the missing information be provided urgently so that I can apply my mind on what next steps to take.

I am sure you will agree that absent consent, it would be some kind of property hijack.

[3/16/2021, 1:35 PM] mdmawere1: You may be aware that I never stayed in the house at all.

[3/16/2021, 2:15 PM] Gwaradzimba: I am sorry, but I doubt you’re saying anything new to me since you talked to me about the house. What I can say is that SMM had to make a decision or two since the company was pay expenses in respect of the house. 

All the rates bills from the house have been issued and sent to SMM and the company has been paying these bills since your time living in the house. I will be happy if you will let the process I have talked about in my earlier text be completed.

[3/16/2021, 2:18 PM] mdmawere1: But you can appreciate that where there is no legal nexus, there should be no liability or rights.

[3/16/2021, 4:57 PM] Gwaradzimba: I may not understand what you may want to say, but am sure you now know the process am suggesting. If you want it otherwise, advise.

[3/16/2021, 5:02 PM] mdmawere1: What am I am saying is that since SMM had no relationship with the property, I am failing to understand who could have authorized any suggestion of a legal nexus to permit any income to appropriated or used without the knowledge and consent of the owner of the property. 

At the outset, you stated as follows:

‘Afternoon once more. I have established that the house has always been leased out. SMM are paying the rates and receiving the rentals. However, SMM does not have the title deeds, neither do they know as to who the house  registered under. That’s the information I have right now.”

I accepted this factual representation. This means that this material fact cannot result in any money being unaccounted for as if anyone in SMM had any management contract for the period.

[3/16/2021, 5:38 PM] Gwaradzimba: What it means is that we may not be understanding each other, which may mean that we stop the conversation. 

I told you that what am told is that SMM was paying for security at the house; SMM was and is still paying the rates and other maintenance costs. We cannot, therefore, say that SMM had no relationship to the property.

I did not know there was any house belonging to you which SMM were involved in till you sent me your text. And I want us to resolve the issue, that’s all.

[3/16/2021, 5:47 PM] Gwaradzimba: By the way, I never said there was any money which has not been accounted for. I have said that am advised there has been income from rentals and expenses for the management; and maintenance of the house; as well as for the payment of rates.

Why can’t you just wait for the information I said was going to provide to you? After that you can then say or go for what else you want to achieve. Meanwhile, I told you that SMM will instruct KFRZ to give the current tenant notice. 

I think this is all I can say for now. We don’t need to spend time talking one and the same issue without positive results.

[3/16/2021, 5:50 PM] mdmawere1: I am trying to understand what is fact and is not. 

I think I am entitled to this.

Since you didn’t know the facts, it may be that a specific individual in SMM knew of the facts. 

The danger is getting you entangled in a dispute that has nothing to do with reconstruction as far as I can deduce from the facts you have shared.

I am sure you will understand the prejudice if indeed the control of the house was vested with people who had no authority to do so.

[3/16/2021, 6:02 PM] Gwaradzimba: So what do you want me to say or do right now?

[3/17/2021, 8:09 AM] mdmawere1: Good morning. Thanks for providing valuable information and background.

I would be grateful if you can furnish me with a copy of the current contract in relation to the house.

[3/17/2021, 8:22 PM] Gwaradzimba: Am sorry am not in Harare at the moment. When I come back next week, I will look into it.

[3/17/2021, 8:34 PM] mdmawere1: Is there anyone at KFRZ who is familiar with the matter you can direct me to? 

Since this matter falls outside your mandate as SMM Administrator, is there a specific person who has been attending to this matter that I can deal with?

[3/17/2021, 8:42 PM] Gwaradzimba: Obviously there is since they’re the managers. But you’re aware that it’s only when you engaged me this past week that I became aware that you had a house which SMM was involved with. I told you I was going to gather all the necessary information necessary. Why can’t you let that happen?

[3/17/2021, 8:43 PM] mdmawere1: Thanks for the support. That is not the issue.

[3/25/2021, 2:35 PM] Gwaradzimba: Good afternoon. Please be advised that I now have the information you requested. For good order, I will request that you send me your email, so that I can provide same to SMM lawyers whom I will request to send you the information I have now, and any other information you may request later.

[3/25/2021, 2:36 PM] mdmawere1: Good afternoon

[3/25/2021, 2:36 PM] mdmawere1: mdmawere1@gmail.com

[3/25/2021, 2:36 PM] Gwaradzimba: Maita, thank you.

[3/25/2021, 2:36 PM] mdmawere1: Much appreciated.

[3/25/2021, 3:35 PM] mdmawere1: Who is DMH working for?

[3/25/2021, 3:35 PM] Gwaradzimba: They work for SMM.

[3/25/2021, 3:38 PM] mdmawere1: Sorry the email had gone to spam.

[3/25/2021, 3:39 PM] Gwaradzimba: Am sure you will be able to retrieve it.

[3/25/2021, 3:39 PM] mdmawere1: I thought this matter falls outside SMM:

[3/9, 4:20 PM] mdmawere1: Good afternoon. It is Mutumwa Mawere. Please urgently advise on whether you have any information about my house in Mount Pleasant.

[3/9, 4:24 PM] Gwaradzimba: It’s great hearing from you Sekuru. I do not have information, but I will immediately find out and advise.

[3/25/2021, 3:39 PM] mdmawere1: Got it now

[3/25/2021, 3:45 PM] Gwaradzimba: It can’t be outside SMM. As I told you, I wasn’t aware that you had any property, information about which you would want to know from me. But after you engaged me, I contacted SMM management who confirmed about the house but said they were not exactly sure as to who the property was registered under. And you then confirmed to me that you’re the title holder. Meanwhile, SMM have been managing the property, given that, even when you’re staying at the house, SMM was providing for security and paying expenses relating to the house. So, really, it cannot fall outside the purview of SMM. Hence its SMM providing the information you just requested.

I do not think there should be any issues in DMH providing that information to you.

[3/25/2021, 3:48 PM] mdmawere1: I am sure if it was ignorance, then the law must limit and dealing with someone’s rights outside the law. 

I thought it would not default to some kind of expropriation of private property.

The title deeds and information related to ownership is publicly available. 

I am sure you will agree that if it takes 17 years for you to know, then this must be of real concern to all.

[3/25/2021, 3:57 PM] Gwaradzimba: You know what, I do not need to go into unnecessary and even unproductive arguments. Masvosve anopfuvura nemumba menyu mangani? This is the kind of information you expect me to know about SMM. There is something in my profession called “Materiality” but I do not want us to start lecturing to each other as to what this or that means. I practice within the confines of my profession, and let me do just that. Where I consider I need expertise outside that of my profession, I will go out to seek that expertise. It has just taken you the same number of years to think of engaging with me about your house, is that not? 

Let us treat each other with respect, and showing that we have matured with age. We have a lot in common from where come, from our roots, let’s respect that. I highly respect that.

[3/25/2021, 3:58 PM] Gwaradzimba: *from where we come*

[3/25/2021, 3:59 PM] mdmawere1: I also have no time for this. The house falls outside SMM and now you wish to lecture me about this.

Surely, this is not on. What nexus does SMM have to deal with my personal house and then I have to deal through its lawyers. 

This is not maturity but abuse that falls outside any legal authority.

[3/25/2021, 4:00 PM] Gwaradzimba: So why did you engage me?

[3/25/2021, 4:04 PM] mdmawere1: As I said to you, I wanted to confirm that there was no misunderstanding and then go to the source of the problem.

I was pleasantly surprised to know that you did not know anything about the house.

I am now totally confused as to who knew what and where authority to deal with the house emanated from.

[3/25/2021, 4:28 PM] Gwaradzimba: When you were living in your house, SMM had this obligation to provide security to the house and to pay for expenses relating to the house, including rates. Therefore, it is that obligation still in force, whoever gave it or wherever it came from is not something I am interested at the moment. You know that when you were in charge, someone instructed the City of Harare to send all its rates and other charges bills to AA Mines for payment. That’s what’s still happening Sekuru (by the way, this will not change because of anything you may say or think about me). The bills are there for 2 Durland, sent for payment to, and being paid by, SMM. So am not sure as to what authority you’re talking about. You put it in place yourself. There can’t be only obligations to pay, without authority to raise money. I hope you can see economic sense in this.

[3/25/2021, 4:36 PM] mdmawere1: I never lived in the house for your information.

[3/25/2021, 4:39 PM] Gwaradzimba: So why was SMM paying for the expenses relating to the property?

[3/25/2021, 4:40 PM] mdmawere1: I bought the house while I was in the USA. I never lived in the house.

The arrangement was never with SMM but with Ms. Mwamuka who was introduced to me by Mr. Mkushi.

There was a tenant living in the house who was paying rent and there was a managing estate agent. 

There was no deal with SMM to collect any rentals. The agent is the one who was paying.

[3/25/2021, 4:40 PM] mdmawere1: Your facts may be different to what the reality is.

[3/25/2021, 4:45 PM] Gwaradzimba: The tangible evidence I have is of City of Harare bills to AA Mines which were, and are still, being paid by SMM. Am also advised that SMM always provided security to the house, and now wonder why the company was providing security for Ms. Mwamuka?

[3/25/2021, 4:46 PM] Gwaradzimba: Were you aware that SMM was paying the property’s rates bills?

[3/25/2021, 4:47 PM] mdmawere1: As I said, I have no clue who was speaking on my behalf during the years but there has to be a person who is not you, who must speak to the facts.

[3/25/2021, 4:47 PM] Gwaradzimba: But I have investigated since the day you contacted me.

[3/25/2021, 4:48 PM] Gwaradzimba: I have provided DMH with all relevant documents, including lease agreement.

[3/25/2021, 4:48 PM] mdmawere1: I am grateful for this but the person who knowingly and intentionally make decisions in relation to the house is still unknown to me. It is this person who needs a lawyer and not SMM unless the person who accountable to SMM for this.

[3/25/2021, 4:49 PM] mdmawere1: Indeed. I have no business with SMM on this. I have never entered into a management agreement with SMM in relation to the house. If you have any evidence of this, please you can send me a copy of the agreement authorizing SMM to substitute me.

[3/25/2021, 4:54 PM] Gwaradzimba: Very much indeed. Except that it’s not part of me to ignore anyone, hence I thought I could assist, when you engaged me. And you can also appreciate that SMM has been spending money on the property for a long time.

[3/25/2021, 4:55 PM] Gwaradzimba: Hence I have involved the company’s lawyers, in case there is legal matter to be dealt with.

[3/25/2021, 5:00 PM] mdmawere1: I am sure you will agree that absent consent, no deal can follow.

[3/25/2021, 5:01 PM] mdmawere1: No legal matters can exist with you when you had no knowledge.

[3/25/2021, 5:02 PM] mdmawere1: As a principal, I never surrender my power to anyone without knowing the terms and conditions in advance.

If you don’t know the facts, then you have nothing to be concerned about.

[3/25/2021, 5:31 PM] Gwaradzimba: Sekuru, the legal issues, if any, would with SMM, as they are the entity with all those documents I said I provided to DMH.

[3/25/2021, 5:33 PM] Gwaradzimba: To me, it’s normal that such issues arise in the confusions of the goings on.

[3/25/2021, 5:40 PM] mdmawere1: I hear you. But where there is no consent, I am now confused as to where any obligations and rights would arise.

The right to receive rent must flow from an agreement and not from speculation.

I am battling to understand why anyone would receive rent for a property without the express authority of the owner.

[3/25/2021, 5:41 PM] mdmawere1: If you have copy of the authority document from me to SMM, you should share with me.

[3/25/2021, 5:44 PM] Gwaradzimba: But am told that SMM has always done the payments, why, I will not be able to say.

[3/25/2021, 5:45 PM] Gwaradzimba: What I will do is to ask SMM to explain as to how they came to be obliged to pay expenses in respect of the property, as well as how they became entitled to lease out the property.

[3/25/2021, 5:53 PM] mdmawere1: Let us establish the timeline from the person who is knowledgeable.

[3/25/2021, 5:54 PM] mdmawere1: This is your side and I respect it. Please look at it from my side. The person who is representing SMM must tell me who represented me. It can’t be him representing both me and SMM.

[3/25/2021, 5:54 PM] Gwaradzimba: That’s in order. I will ask as to when SMM started to pay for security and under whose instructions, etc.

[3/25/2021, 5:55 PM] mdmawere1: Facts will help everybody.

[3/25/2021, 5:55 PM] Gwaradzimba: Indeed. Let’s find out as to how the property came to be under SMM

[3/25/2021, 5:56 PM] mdmawere1: This is factual and not legal. Let us get the facts. If you have the current lease agreement, it will help as a start.

[3/25/2021, 5:57 PM] mdmawere1: When we need lawyers, we can then request advice.

[3/25/2021, 5:57 PM] Gwaradzimba: I think we have to know how SMM got involved in the first place.

[3/25/2021, 5:58 PM] mdmawere1: On point.

[3/25/2021, 8:46 PM] Gwaradzimba: But if we know, let’s put the information together. This is what the owner knows👇

[3/25/2021, 8:46 PM] Gwaradzimba: LD 👆🏿

[3/25/2021, 8:46 PM] Gwaradzimba: I bought the house while I was in the USA. I never lived in the house.

The arrangement was never with SMM but with Ms. Mwamuka who was introduced to me by Mr. Mkushi.

There was a tenant living in the house who was paying rent and there was a managing estate agent. 

There was no deal with SMM to collect any rentals. The agent is the one who was paying.

[3/25/2021, 8:46 PM] Gwaradzimba: That’s what am asking you put together. Let’s not waste time and bundles. You only resolve problems by respecting the facts. Let’s have those facts.

[3/25/2021, 8:46 PM] Gwaradzimba: The Agent should also account why its services ended up taken over by SMM .

[3/25/2021, 8:49 PM] mdmawere1: Thanks. Not sure where the messages are coming from

[3/25/2021, 8:50 PM] mdmawere1: Indeed. The records must be with someone but history cannot be hidden.

[3/25/2021, 8:50 PM] Gwaradzimba: From SMM management. Am sure the facts will be put together, regardless of what they’re.

[3/25/2021, 8:53 PM] mdmawere1: Who specifically is the person or persons in SMM who is responding to this?

You have rightly said that property taxes were paid during the 17 years 

Who was billed by the City? 

Was SMM billed and since you did know anything about this, it means that the owner of the house was known during the time?

[3/25/2021, 9:00 PM] Gwaradzimba: Sekuru, you will see the actual bills. So let’s have all the information I have requested to be put together. What will be important is to then know, as to why and how SMM started to pay expenses for the property and to then start receiving rentals. Too long a time has passed by, and there may have been a valid reason as to why what happened did happen. Let’s wait for the facts.

[3/25/2021, 9:03 PM] mdmawere1: In the meantime, you can furnish with a copy of the current rental agreement, a copy of the account to which the rental payments were made, and a copy of the property tax invoice.

[3/25/2021, 9:05 PM] Gwaradzimba: Those are the documents I sent to DMH to deal with, just in case there are issues legal, needing other ways of dealing with than I would ordinarily do.

[3/25/2021, 9:06 PM] mdmawere1: Have not received anything from them.

[3/25/2021, 9:06 PM] Gwaradzimba: There is no problem you writing to DMH and asking for the information. I want to have all the relevant information to hand first.

[3/25/2021, 9:10 PM] mdmawere1: But I can only write to them if it is established that an agreement or rela existed between SMM and me in relarion to the house. 

You have said that you possess no personal knowledge of the house issue. 

I have accepted this hence the request for the names of the specific Individuals who were involved in the matter. 

I can then establish the facts directly.

They would have known who the owner of the house especially if they were paying on the owner’s behalf.

[3/25/2021, 9:14 PM] Gwaradzimba: SMM management will refer issues they consider complicated, to me. What you have to know is that the management at SMM in 2004, have since left. Those who are there now, took over what they found being done. So let’s give them the time to look into the matter, including engaging former SMM officers.

[3/25/2021, 9:18 PM] Gwaradzimba: Good night.

[3/25/2021, 9:19 PM] mdmawere1: I thought it would be only fair to not confuse or conflate issues.

The house has nothing to do with SMM.

As such, if any relationship existed you would have known this.

You already said you didn’t know and there would be no justification for SMM’s lawyers to deal with me on matters that fall outside your knowledge. 

I just need the current actors and they will only deal with what they know.

I don’t see any prejudice that would arise as they operated without you knowledge and my knowledge.

There should be no issue with disclosing their names.

[3/25/2021, 9:23 PM] Gwaradzimba: But SMM is involved in paying house expenses, and so let’s find out as to how that came about?

[3/25/2021, 9:26 PM] mdmawere1: I hear you. But you didn’t know the relationship of SMM with the house to justify this agency.

It means that absent my consent, who instructed SMM to make the payments?

[3/25/2021, 9:27 PM] mdmawere1: Was the rent equal to the expenses?

[3/25/2021, 9:29 PM] Gwaradzimba: But I now know that SMM is involved, and I can’t ignore that.

[3/25/2021, 9:30 PM] Gwaradzimba: You will see the analysed information.

[3/25/2021, 9:30 PM] mdmawere1: How does SMM get involved without my consent?

[3/25/2021, 9:31 PM] mdmawere1: The effect of reconstruction was to divest and deprive me of any relationship with SMM.

[3/25/2021, 9:32 PM] Gwaradzimba: I thought that’s what we have agreed to find out about.

[3/25/2021, 9:32 PM] mdmawere1: If you didn’t know anything then you cannot be expected to know only now.

[3/25/2021, 9:33 PM] Gwaradzimba: I think I will not discuss this with you as the courts here in Zimbabwe and in SA have dealt with that. I know what you know, and this is not the platform to deal with that.

[3/25/2021, 9:34 PM] mdmawere1: Indeed. Hence there is no need to bring SMM in my personal affairs after reconstruction.

[3/25/2021, 9:34 PM] Gwaradzimba: I told you there is something called materiality in my field of expertise which I will not discuss with you.

[3/25/2021, 9:35 PM] Gwaradzimba: SMM is still under reconstruction until all liabilities are paid off and it’s mines have resumed operations.

[3/25/2021, 9:36 PM] mdmawere1: You suggesting that my house was under your control but it was not material. 

This is what I am taking from this thread.

If so, then why should you now be involved.

[3/25/2021, 9:37 PM] mdmawere1: This is a separate issue. The issue here is about what you deem to be immaterial and as such you had no reason to deal with this. 

If a legal nexus exist in relation to the house, then this should exist and there is no reason to wait for anything on a dispute of fact.

[3/25/2021, 9:47 PM] Gwaradzimba: Ndambokutaurirai kuti what you expect is like me expecting to know kuti masvosve apfuvura nepamunhanga penyu mangani, and to me that’s absurd. Again, I don’t expect you and me to be going this low. I know you, and I have never contacted you in any form or shape, except when I wrote you a letter in September 2004, asking that we met and discuss how best we could deal with the bombshell in front of us, which letter you completely ignored. 

This time I have entertained this discussion, believing that with age, comes maturity and wisdom. Alas!

[3/25/2021, 9:48 PM] Gwaradzimba: Morara zvakanaka Dziva.

[3/25/2021, 9:51 PM] mdmawere1: I am lost entirely. I didn’t expect you to engage on this issue.

I had taken it that you were in the dark but you seem not willing to link me to the actual actors. 

There should be nothing to protect and let the people who made decisions without your and my knowledge provide their knowledge.

You would not expect anything less than transparency.

[3/25/2021, 9:54 PM] mdmawere1: Not sure what letter you are talking about. Are you sure you addressed a letter to me and I refused to respond to it.

[3/25/2021, 9:56 PM] Gwaradzimba: The actors will be known once all the information is on the table. Why is that hard for you to realize?

[3/25/2021, 9:57 PM] mdmawere1: I don’t expect you to be personally involved hence the request for the names of the actual actors.

[3/25/2021, 10 PM] Gwaradzimba: Yes, not am sure, but I know. I believed we were more than just people who knew each other, and we needed to discuss everything and agree as to how to deal with the matter. That’s in the past now. Now let’s have the wisdom and wait for the facts before we can spend another night chatting without getting any solution.

[3/25/2021, 10:00 PM] mdmawere1: I never received any letter from you.

[3/25/2021, 10:01 PM] Gwaradzimba: I don’t have the actors but am asking management to find out. Again, why is this too difficult for you to see?

[3/25/2021, 10:01 PM] Gwaradzimba: Of course I have a copy which is of no use any more.

[3/25/2021, 10:04 PM] mdmawere1: Who are the names so that I may refresh my memory about the allegation that SMM was engaged by me to handle my house?

You were not involved in the matter and it is evident that your version is unfamiliar to me.

The house preceded your appointment.

It is for this reason and having understood that you were not personally involved, that I request that you give me the names who were handling my property without benefiting me with any information and the services rendered.

[3/25/2021, 10:04 PM] mdmawere1: For what it is worth, you can share a copy.

[3/25/2021, 10:07 PM] Gwaradzimba: Sorry, but I have told you that those in SMM management today were not there when the issue of SMM’s involvement in your house came to being, and so they tell me. So what names do you want me to provide to you.

[3/25/2021, 10:08 PM] mdmawere1: Those who are dealing with the matter. What if they pocketed the rental money without your and my knowledge?

[3/25/2021, 10:09 PM] mdmawere1: Who is giving instructions to them? Prior to my engaging you, who was giving them instructions, if any?

[3/25/2021, 10:09 PM] mdmawere1: Who negotiated the rentals? Who signed the contracts, if any?

[3/25/2021, 10:10 PM] Gwaradzimba: If they did, it will come out, as the information is on lease agreements and on invoices for payments made.

[3/25/2021, 10:11 PM] Gwaradzimba: Why can’t you wait to get that information as we have discussed all night?

[3/25/2021, 10:11 PM] mdmawere1: Perhaps we should refer this matter to law enforcement organs so that we can be freed from this.

[3/25/2021, 10:12 PM] mdmawere1: I am now more concerned that you did not know and yet these guys would treat as a dead person.

[3/25/2021, 10:12 PM] Gwaradzimba: That’s your call not mine.

[3/25/2021, 10:13 PM] mdmawere1: I am not sure whether you want this to be solved or you are saying that SMM was entitled to handle the matter in this manner.

[3/28/2021, 7:14 PM] Gwaradzimba: What a bumper harvest for you!! Enjoy.

[3/28/2021, 7:14 PM] mdmawere1: Who is this from

[3/28/2021, 7:15 PM] mdmawere1: Are you speaking to Mr Fred Mutanda?

[3/28/2021, 7:15 PM] mdmawere1: On another call. Will call shortly

[1/18, 10:00 AM] Mr Edward Samakomva: Will check shortly

[1/18, 10:03 AM] mdmawere1: Ok

[1/18, 10:59 AM] mdmawere1: [1/18, 10:18 AM] Rikki: But on the old facts, they have enough to arrest and successfully prosecute the CEO of SMM for fraud, theft and potentially money laundering

[1/18, 10:19 AM] Rikki: Have SMM given you the title back to the property

[1/18, 10:24 AM] mdmawere1: The title has never been an issue.

[1/18, 10:57 AM] mdmawere1: What would be the charge?

[1/18, 11:31 AM] Mr Edward Samakomva: In my view the CEO misrepresented and the administrator might also have a case to answer of this Happened under his nose administration

[1/18, 11:49 AM] mdmawere1: What would be the charge against the CEO in relation to the affairs of a company under reconstruction?

[1/18, 12:13 PM] Mr Edward Samakomva: How was the CEO appointed prior to or under administration

[1/18, 12:23 PM] mdmawere1: He was appointed by Gwaradzimba after reconstruction

[1/18, 12:29 PM] Mr Edward Samakomva: That’s why I insinuate they were in collision and any trail record of the collected rentals and the utility bills paid? How could they rent out a house whose owner they didn’t know? How was the house linked to SMM

[1/18, 12:33 PM] mdmawere1: Are you not surprised that ZACC refused, neglected and failed to investigate the limitations imposed by the Reconstruction Act and the constitutional implications of using SMM under the control of the government through an Administrator, an Appointee of the Minister?

[1/18, 12:37 PM] Mr Edward Samakomva: I may not be familiar with the Act but to me everything is absurd and questionable. It’s the CEO who was charged and what about the administrator? Another catch and release scenario?

[1/18, 12:40 PM] mdmawere1: Would you want to read the Act so that your understanding of the facts and the law is what we are promoting in terms of BOAF especially in relation to the Rule of Law civilization?

[1/18, 12:41 PM] Mr Edward Samakomva: Certainly

[1/18, 12:57 PM] Mr Edward Samakomva: Thank you

[1/18, 12:57 PM] mdmawere1: You are welcome

[1/18, 1:09 PM] mdmawere1: 2 Application

This Act shall apply to all State-indebted companies, including those formed or

incorporated before the date of commencement of this Act and regardless of when they

became indebted to the State:

[1/18, 1:10 PM] mdmawere1: What do you think of this?

[1/18, 1:16 PM] Mr Edward Samakomva: A deliberate move to ensure companies before the act are accomodated

[1/18, 1:17 PM] mdmawere1: Imagine you are charged for over speeding before the law existed to regulate speed?

[1/18, 1:18 PM] Mr Edward Samakomva: That’s exactly what I meant

[1/18, 1:20 PM] Mr Edward Samakomva: If the law was not in place at the time of the offense being allegedly committed then no offense was committed

[1/18, 1:45 PM] mdmawere1: Did you know a law like this existed even during sanctions?

[1/18, 2:20 PM] mdmawere1: Thanks. Like anything, the content and context. What is being shared here is nothing personal but is the reality that follows when experiences are not shared.

This is about my house. You will recall that Gabriel Chaibva who is a Commissioner at ZACC, a public institution informed you that I had approached him to help me to get ZACC do what the institution was created to do.

This alone tells you that in your case, the disabled people, for instance must suffer from silence.

The fact that we are talking yet two weeks ago, I didn’t know you from a bar of soap speaks volumes on the power of grace.

I thought you had understood that the one who connected us could have wanted the promise and challenges of the disabled to be  integrated into the broader public policy issues that are common cause.

The greatest betrayal lies in the idea that secrecy produces better outcomes for self.

[1/18, 2:37 PM] mdmawere1: Are you benefiting from the silence since independence?

[1/18, 2:39 PM] mdmawere1: An injury to one is an injury to all. Silence based on fear, delivers no attention to the problems that are self-evident.

[1/18, 2:41 PM] Luke Dangirwa: Ok well said. I will post his contact number.

[1/18, 2:43 PM] Luke Dangirwa: That is his contact number you start talking with him.

[1/18, 6:15 PM] Luke Dangirwa: 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟

REDUCED TO GO.!!!!!!!!!!..



Full title deeds

Certificate of no present interest

99% arrable

Flat land

Suitable for all crops

7 boreholes

3 reservoirs

8 Dairy paddocks

10 beef paddocks

Dairy House

3 warehouses

Work shop

Complete shop with supermarket,butchery,offices ,cold room

Incomplete abbator

5000 capacity piggery infrustructure

State of art 6bed double story (very morden)

4bed managers house

Chicken fowl runs

Incomplete dam

THE WHOLE FARM IS Fenced right round

Price reduced now to 2,2mil

Reasonable tems acceptable!!!!!!!!

[1/18, 6:33 PM] Luke Dangirwa: Lets talk about that farm.

[1/18, 6:35 PM] mdmawere1: This is what you think I should be talking about?

[1/18, 6:37 PM] Luke Dangirwa: I do not think but should be talked about and start again the farming program as per what I read in the articles and audios you shared.

[1/18, 6:38 PM] mdmawere1: Do you want to know what happened?

[1/18, 6:40 PM] Luke Dangirwa: You instructed to report at the late President’s Office. On the day of the meeting there was no greetings it was about how many farms do you have etc

[1/18, 6:42 PM] mdmawere1: This was just the beginning.

[1/18, 6:43 PM] mdmawere1: All the farms associated with me was confiscated like my house without paying any compensation.

[1/18, 6:52 PM] Luke Dangirwa: Does that stop you from starting again? If so what stops you?

[1/18, 7:21 PM] mdmawere1: If you were in my position, what would you do differently if a public law exists that permits public power to divest and deprive of rights and freedoms in relation to the enjoyment and fulfilment of the rights that are entrenched in the constitution?

[1/18, 7:24 PM] Luke Dangirwa: You are answering my questions with questions. If would rest then start over again than giving up completely. I would leave them with what they took away.

[1/18, 7:29 PM] mdmawere1: Because I am surprised with the questions. Not sure whether you are aware that I have not lived in Zimbabwe since 1988 and contrary to the opinion peddled in the public domain, all the Zim companies were controlled and managed by people in Zimbabwe.

The people who benefited from the investments were residents of Zimbabwe.

You may be pleased to know that I never took a penny in terms of salary or dividends.

It is now time for others to create their own shnning stars so that history can be used to inform and educate on what needs to be done to promote and protect wealth creation and preservation.

[1/18, 7:54 PM] Luke Dangirwa: I know that you have stated it many times. What I am asking you to do is to do the same as you did to the entities you established in Zimbabwe. I want you to do it again acquiring the farm on sale and help creste employment.

[1/18, 7:57 PM] mdmawere1: Intriguing because in my whole life no human being has ever asked me to be involved in anything related to problem solving using companies as a vehicle. 

I am trying to digest what you are saying that I should do.

[1/18, 8:02 PM] Luke Dangirwa: So you call creating employment is problem solving. Putting together a program like farming or the BOAF Initiative you have done is what I will call problem solving.

[1/18, 8:03 PM] mdmawere1: [1/18, 7:49 PM] Rikki: 🙈🙈🙈🙈🙈🙈

[1/18, 7:53 PM] mdmawere1: What has happened now?

[1/18, 7:58 PM] Rikki: The fool says let them have it and start again

[1/18, 8:04 PM] mdmawere1: Yes it is. Problem is HOW BEST CAN THE PROBLEM OF JOBLESSNESS BE SOLVED.

[1/18, 8:06 PM] Luke Dangirwa: Who is the fool Rikki is talking about?

[1/20, 7:37 AM] Mosaics Marufu: Very well how I am delighted to be talking to someone I always wanted to.

I lead people with Disabilities in mining. How best can you assist us.

[1/20, 7:38 AM] mdmawere1: Please read the above and let me know your take.

[1/20, 7:54 AM] Mosaics Marufu: Let me sir

[1/20, 8:08 AM] Mosaics Marufu: Am reading through

[1/20, 8:09 AM] mdmawere1: Your take?

[1/20, 8:25 AM] Mosaics Marufu: Just but  complicated issues which according to me are depriving you of your sweat.

I was referred to you by Luke Dangirwa. Would you be in a position to assist the disabled in any way

[1/20, 8:33 AM] mdmawere1: It looks like you are not interested in understanding how my deprivation through the use of public power is related to your request.

This is the moral of my chat with Mr Dangwira and evidently by not sharing with you, he believes that my deprivation and divestment is a joke.

[1/20, 8:39 AM] Mosaics Marufu: If you only knew vaMawere how I followed and admired you in all tv programs on aag you would feel me. How you were deprived of SMM.

I followed with interest the SMM saga though i had nothing to offer as a poor disabled .

 I was and still interested in you sir. It’s unfortunate we don’t know each other. But deep down me had so much wish to see you.

[1/20, 8:41 AM] Mosaics Marufu: Sorry if you feel I am not interested in your stories .

I was exited when Luke connected me.

With you sir

[1/20, 8:43 AM] mdmawere1: Are you aware of a law that was invented solely to divest and deprive me of all companies deemed to be under my control but has since been used in relation to other companies?

[1/20, 8:46 AM] Mosaics Marufu: Not quite sir can you share.

Your deprivation was done by so called first republic is there bad blood with second republic . Hope not

[1/20, 8:49 AM] mdmawere1: I wasn’t aware that any republic caused deprivation but a public law exists and operates. No one owns government to allow bad blood to justify the use of public power that belongs to all.

[1/20, 8:55 AM] Mosaics Marufu: As is the status quo don’t you have recourse to all this deprivation.

[1/20, 9:16 AM] mdmawere1: Thanks for asking. This is a very good question.

It does reflect the attitude and approach of many people.

I am sure you have the saying that AN INJURY TO ONE IS AN INJURY TO ALL yet the reality of selfishness dictates that ONE’S INJURY IS NONE OF BUSINESS BUT WHAT I CAN GET FOR MYSELF FROM ANYONE IS MY BUSINESS.

Unfortunately, the constitution is instructive on this.

Please take time time to read s2. 

If you can’t find the Constitution, please let me know.

i believe that the future and its promise and challenges ought to be negotiated based on shared stories.

However, if you and Dangirwa think that your disability is unique to permit your challenges to entitle you to charity, then it would be futile to secure such future based on handouts.

Being disabled does not mean you stop being human and use your time to learn, unlearn and relearn on how to build community power to secure a just, prosperous, accountable Zimbabwe.

[1/20, 10:51 AM] Mosaics Marufu: Our coming to you is actually running away from charity model approach to life but seeking empowerment tichizviitira tega more so for other people with Disabilities who could be employed through mining and farming projects.

Maybe Luke ddnt orient me enough of his engagement with you

[1/20, 11:04 AM] mdmawere1: You I even offered Luke a transaction in relation to my house that was hijacked by people using public power for 19 years and collecting rent without any lawful causa that should he and his members make noise in terms of s2 of the Constitution demanding for accountability in order to protect, promote and uphold the rule of law. He refused and failed to even understand what I was saying for fear of being implicated in the dispute when the dispute has nothing to do with him.

[1/20, 11:25 AM] Mosaics Marufu: You are talking to wrong person sir

[1/20, 11:27 AM] Mosaics Marufu: I know nothing of this

[1/20, 12:30 PM] mdmawere1: I am asking whether you were informed of this?

[1/20, 12:36 PM] Mosaics Marufu: Not at all Siziba

My relationship with Luke

[1/20, 12:37 PM] Mosaics Marufu: is based on disability and a vision we share

[1/20, 12:41 PM] mdmawere1: Do you agree that all forms of disabilities when man made or otherwise result in prejudice and suffering?

[1/20, 12:42 PM] Mosaics Marufu: Quite true

[1/20, 12:48 PM] Mosaics Marufu: I hv no doubt one day you’re compansated for all your sweat

[1/20, 1:39 PM] mdmawere1: I have not said I need your sympathies and I am sorry if this is the impression created. 

You have refused to accept that absent the rule of law no one is abled. 

The attitude to learning, unlearning and relearning provokes active citizenship and opens more doors that the usual doors.

If you are disabled and choose to bury your head in your condition, then you have no one to blame.

Listen to the whispers of new experiences so that your own experiences may seem new to others. 

Circle problems so that the promise may come from those who embrace not their own stories and inherent miseries but disability as a holistic challenge.

[1/20, 3:04 PM] Mosaics Marufu: Sorry was in bank couldn’t answer

[1/20, 3:05 PM] mdmawere1: Ok

[1/20, 3:07 PM] Mosaics Marufu: Otherwise how are you sir will be free 1530

[1/20, 3:08 PM] mdmawere1: Ok



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