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Gift Ostallos Siziba Arrested Again: Concerns for Safety Rise Amidst Political Tensions

Zimbabwean MP Gift Ostallos Siziba faces another arrest ahead of his scheduled court appearance. Fadzayi Mahere reports concerns for his safety as legal teams scramble to respond.

Mandla Wedu



Tendai Masotsha in blue dress also appearing in court

In a concerning development, Honorable Gift Ostallos Siziba has been arrested again by the Law and Order division in Zimbabwe. The news comes ahead of his scheduled court appearance this morning and has raised alarms about his safety. Fadzayi Mahere, a prominent advocate, reported the incident on social media, stating that their legal team is attending to the situation.

The Arrest

According to Fadzayi Mahere, the arrest was carried out by the Law and Order division, a unit often involved in politically sensitive cases. The timing of the arrest, just before Siziba’s scheduled court appearance, has raised eyebrows and questions about the motives behind this action.

Family Concerns

A member of Siziba’s family has expressed concern for his safety following the arrest. Given Zimbabwe’s history of political arrests and the treatment of detainees, these concerns are far from unfounded.

Legal Response

Fadzayi Mahere announced that their legal team is currently attending to Siziba. While details are still emerging, the legal team’s swift action indicates the gravity of the situation and the urgency required to ensure Siziba’s safety.

Public Outcry

The hashtag #FreeAllPoliticalPrisoners has started trending on social media platforms, as people express their outrage and concern over the arrest. Calls for transparency and justice are flooding the internet, demanding immediate action.

The arrest of Gift Ostallos Siziba adds another layer of complexity to Zimbabwe’s already fraught political landscape. As concerns for his safety grow, the public and legal experts alike are closely watching how this situation unfolds. The incident serves as a stark reminder of the volatile nature of political freedom in Zimbabwe.

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