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Gift Ostallos Siziba: The CCC MP Facing Escalating Charges Amidst ZANUPF’s Quest for Power

Gift Ostallos Siziba, CCC MP for Pelandaba-Tshabalala, faces two new charges in addition to his initial arrest. Uncover the political tension and ZANUPF’s desperate moves for a constitutional change.

Mandla Wedu



In a recent turn of events, Gift Ostallos Siziba, the Opposition CCC Member of Parliament for Pelandaba-Tshabalala, has found himself facing two additional charges. Initially arrested for a social media post, the stakes have been raised as Zimbabwe’s political landscape continues to heat up.

The Initial Charge

Siziba was first arrested for posting a picture of himself on social media wearing a Highlanders jersey with the caption “we fear fokol,” which was part of football banter. As a Highlanders supporter, the post seemed innocuous but led to his arrest nonetheless.

New Charges Added

Today, the police have escalated the situation by adding two more charges against Siziba. The new charges include singing in the house of another candidate and tearing down election posters. These actions have raised questions about the motives behind the escalating charges.

Legal Implications

According to Zimbabwean law, the new charges could carry significant penalties, including fines and potential jail time. This escalation comes amidst a backdrop of CCC legislators and councillors being arrested for frivolous issues during and after the elections.

ZANUPF’s Desperation

The ruling party, ZANUPF, appears desperate to secure a two-thirds majority in the Parliament to change the constitution by removing term limits. The arrests of CCC members, including Siziba, are seen as politically motivated moves to weaken the opposition.

Public Reaction

The unfolding events have led to a surge in public discourse, with many questioning the fairness of the legal actions against Siziba and other CCC members. Social media platforms are abuzz with discussions, and several political figures have issued statements either condemning or supporting the actions.

The additional charges against Gift Ostallos Siziba add another layer of complexity to Zimbabwe’s already tense political environment. As ZANUPF aims for a constitutional change, the opposition faces increasing legal challenges, leaving the public to question the state of democracy in the country.

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